Finnish Building Services Industries and Trade (Talteka) is a Finnish cooperation organisation for industrial, economic and environmental issues within the building services industries and trade. It was founded at the beginning of 2004, following the merger of the Association of Finnish Manufacturers of Air Handling Equipment (AFMAHE) and the Council of HPAC Industries (LTN). Lately, in summer 2018 also the Finnish HVAC Technical Traders’ Association was merged to the association. Today the association has 42 member companies.

Finland is one of the coldest countries in the world in wintertime. The temperature can decrease well below -30 C. The summer can be as warm as in central Europe. People in Finland spend indoors typically 90 % of their time. As a country with a high standard of living a good – healthy, safe and productive – indoor environment is one key element in Finnish well-being.

In Finland, like in all European Union, buildings use approximately 40 % of the national energy use, and make approximately 30 % of the carbon dioxide emissions.

To overcome the ”contradiction”, to provide good indoor environment with minimum use of energy, has for a long time lead the Finnish building services industries towards more and more energy-efficient products, systems and services. Energy-saving products in heating, water supply and ventilation became common relatively soon after the first energy crisis in mid-1970’s, and since then complete system concepts and more efficient products have been continuously developed. This development goes on tackling the global climate change and leading towards the net zero energy level in future buildings. And to meet these targets without sacrifying the indoor environment is a continuous challenge.


Talteka carries out and further develops its activities as a forum for cooperation between building services industries and other stakeholder groups. The main objective of the association is to promote healthy, safe and productive indoor environment, while taking into account the demands for energy efficiency and the economic cycle, thereby improving the business environment for manufacturers of high quality building services products and systems.

Areas of focus

  • to further improve the image and public awareness of the branch
  • to follow current market trends and share knowledge with the members
  • to discuss common market issues of interest to the member companies
  • to cooperate with the authorities
  • to cooperate and maintain good contacts with all parties within the building services cluster
  • international cooperation (EUROVENT, EHI, FEST)
  • standardization (CEN, ISO, SFS)
  • giving opinions on drafts of proposed laws, regulations or other current issues of interest to its members
  • marketing of the idea of good indoor environments and their benefits to comfort, health and productivity
  • joint activities at exhibitions and other events


Chairman of the Board
Pekka Juurinen, General manager (Allaway Oy)
+358 20 721 0601 |

Secretary General
Ilkka Salo, General manager (Finnish Building Services Industries and Trade, Talteka)
+358 40 847 9907 |